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January 6, 2009



Time & Place The minutes of the Organization Meeting of the Township Council of

the Township of Pequannock, County of Morris, New Jersey, held

January 6, 2009, Municipal Building, 530 Newark Pompton Turnpike,

Pompton Plains, New Jersey.

The meeting was called to order at 7:30 P.M. by Township Clerk

Sweeney who stated that the requirements of Public Law c.231 have been complied with for this meeting through notice of date, time, place and proposed Agenda being posted in the Municipal Building and mailed to 5 area newspapers, including the Official Township newspaper.

Flag Salute & The meeting was opened with a Salute to the flag and followed with a

Invocation prayer by Councilman Edward G. Engelbart.

Oath of Office Township Clerk Sweeney administers Oath of Office to Councilmen-Elect

Edward G. Engelbart and Joel D. Vanderhoff.

269th Township Clerk Sweeney announces that this is the 269th Reorganization

Reorganization Meeting of the Township Council and the membership consists of

Meeting Councilmen Edward G. Engelbart, Joseph L. Jorgensen, Nicholas Kapotes,

Louis A. Skvarca, Joel D. Vanderhoff.

Nomination Township Clerk Sweeney calls for nomination for the Office of Mayor of

the Township of Pequannock for the year 2009.

Motion by Engelbart, second by Kapotes that Joseph L. Jorgensen be named Mayor for the year 2009.

On roll call five members voted yes and the motion carried.

Oath to Mayor Joseph L. Jorgensen was named Mayor for the year 2009 and Township

Clerk Sweeney administered the Oath of Office to Joseph L. Jorgensen.

Roll Call Mayor requests that a roll call be taken for the record.

Those present: Mayor Jorgensen; Councilmen Engelbart, Kapotes, Skvarca, Vanderhoff; Manager Hollberg; Attorney Oostdyk and Township

Clerk Sweeney.


for Deputy Mayor Mayor Jorgensen called for nominations for Deputy Mayor for 2009.

Motion by Vanderhoff, second Kapotes by that Louis A. Skvarca be named Deputy Mayor for the year 2009.

On roll call five members voted yes and the motion carried.

Oath to

Deputy Mayor Louis A. Skvarca was named Deputy Mayor for the year 2009 and

was administered the Oath of Office by Township Clerk Sweeney.

Consent Agenda Mayor Jorgensen announces that the Reorganization of the Township

Government and Appointment of Officials thereto would be made by

Resolution and placed upon the Consent Agenda.

Motion by Vanderhoff, second by Kapotes.

On roll call five members voted yes and the motion carried.

addendum 1. Resolution - Louis C. Mai, CPA & Associates

addendum 2. Resolution - Michael E. Hubner, Township Attorney

addendum 3. Resolution - McManimon and Scotland, Bond Counsel

addendum 4. Resolution - Temporary Budget Appropriations

addendum 5. Resolution - Temporary Debt Service

addendum 6. Resolution - Penalty Rate Delinquent Taxes

addendum 7. Resolution - Issuance of Duplicate Tax Sale Certificate

addendum 8. Resolution - Depositories

addendum 9. Resolution - Special Accounts

addendum 10. Resolution - Petty Cash Funds for Township Clerk, Police Chief, Recreation

Department and Court Administrator.

addendum 11. Resolution - Change Funds for Court Administrator, Collector of Taxes,

Utility Collector and Health Department

addendum 12. Resolution - Investments

addendum 13. Resolution - Certifying Agent Public Employees' Retirement System

and Police and Fire Retirement System

addendum 14. Resolution - Official Newspaper

addendum 15. Resolution - Second Newspaper (Sunshine Law)

addendum 16. Resolution - Meeting Dates and Notice of Meeting Fees

addendum 17. Resolution - Facsimile Stamp

addendum 18. Resolution - Night Depository


Mayor Mayor Jorgensen made the following appointments:

Appointments Environmental Protection

Thomas Newman 3 Yr. Term Term ends 12/31/11

Lisa Martinus 3 Yr. Term Term ends 12/31/11

Christopher Lotito 2 Yr. Term Term ends 12/21/10

Liaison - Joseph Jorgensen

Library Board of Trustees

Gillian R. Hettinger 5 Yr. Term Term ends 12/31/13

Liaison - Nicholas Kapotes



Council RESOLVED that the Council appoint the following persons to the office

Appointments and for the term as indicated.

Motion by Vanderhoff, second by Engelbart.

On roll call five members voted yes and the motion carried.

Trustee First Aid Squad 1 Yr. Term Louis A.Skvarca

Fire Dept. - Liaison 1 Yr. Term Joel D. Vanderhoff

Board of Adjustment

Alternate #1 2 Yr. Term James Finley

Alternate #1 1 Yr. Term Stephen Cielusniak

Fair Housing Committee 3 Yr. Term Ronald Sorensen

3 Yr. Term Addie Scattaglia

Liaison Nicholas Kapotes

Historic District Commission 5 Yr. Term David Wisneski

Liaison Edward G. Engelbart





Open Space Advisory


Member (Citizen) 3 Yr. Term Robin Jones

Member (Citizen) 2 Yr. Term Stephanie Dikovics

Member (Citizen) 2 Yr. Term Frank Spizzirri

Liaison - Joseph L. Jorgensen


Parks and Recreation

Advisory Board 3 Yr. Term Jan Vanderhoff

3 Yr. Term Lori Mann

3 Yr. Term David Kohle

2 Yr. Term Kristin Carr

Liaison - Joseph L. Jorgensen

Planning Board 4 Yr. Term Gerald Fitamant

(Alternate #1) 2 Yr. Term Ned Corini

Liaison - Louis A. Skvarca

Mayor’s Appointment - Joel D. Vanderhoff

Senior Citizen

Advisory Board 3 Yr. Term Dorothy Way

3 Yr. Term Elizabeth Cass

3 Yr. Term Dorothy Fembleaux

Liaison - Edward G. Engelbart


Pequannock Twp. Representation

To The Dial-A-Ride Board 1 Yr. Term Joyce Canfield

Morris County Community Development

Revenue Sharing Committee:

Representative 1 Yr. Term Peter Correale

Alternate 1 Yr. Term David W. Hollberg

Pequannock Township Municipal

Alliance Committee

Representative 1 Yr. Term Joseph L. Jorgensen



Appointments Mayor Jorgensen requested the announcement of the Township Manager's

appointments for 2009.

Construction Official Robert Grant

Court Administrator Shelly Gallagher Township Engineer/Director of

Public Works Fred Herrmann

Health Officer Peter Correale (Tenure)

Township Planner Eileen Banyra/Jill Hartmann

Plumbing Sub Code Official John Kostrowski

Chief of Police Brian C. Spring

Prosecutor Nicholas A. Galante

Director of Parks & Recreation Denise Furfaro

Electrical Sub Code Official Carmine Agostinelli

Fire Sub Code Official David Evangelista

Director, Bureau of Fire Safety Vacant

Zoning Officer Jill Hartmann

Superintendent of Public Works William Pereira

Director of Finance Janice Congleton

Municipal Court Judge John A. Paparazzo


Office of Emergency Management (LEPC)

Vacant - Coordinator/Chairman

Vacant - Deputy Coordinator

Brian C. Spring, Chief of Police

David W. Hollberg - Township Manager

Peter Correale - Health Officer

Mark Robinson - R.A.C.E.S. Radio Operator

Tom Abazia - R.A.C.E.S. Radio Coorinator/Operator

William Pereira - Superintendent, DPW

David James - FD Chief Fire Company #1

David Reeves - FD Chief Fire Company #2

Greg Renna - FAS Captain

Matthew Moguillanes - Chief of FAS

Peter Donahue - Chilton Memorial Hospital Facilities

Fred Hermann - Township Engineer

Anna Lee - Emergency Operations Center Coordinator

Paul Darmofalski - Engineer

Jacqueline Meehan - Chilton Hospital Emergency Services

Jules Cirelli - Security & EMS Supervisor, Cedar Crest Village


Fire Department

David James - Department Chief

David James - Chief, Fire Company #1

David Reeves - Chief, Fire Company #2

Special Police Officer

Class I

Frank Johnson

David Kalish


School Crossing Guards

Betty Casey Krystyna Kanczewski

Kathleen Casper Kerry O’Brien

Denise Cordeiro Michael O’Connor

Jennifer Voto Joseph Phalon

Tina Hadjissa James Mohl

Randi Henning Carolyn Scarpone

Philomena Horgan Robin Tomzick

Marlyn Horvath


Substitute School Crossing Guards

Charles Ferry

Jennifer Voto






Adjournment Councilman Vanderhoff moved that the meeting adjourn at 7:53 P.M.,

second by Councilman Engelbart.

On roll call five members voted yes and the motion carried.









DOLORES J. SWEENEY, Township Clerk

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