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                    Engineering Department
                                                                             Revised 12/6/2018

                                          Joseph Golden, PE, CPWM, CFM
                                                       Township Engineer

                                                            (973) 835-5700 Ext. 188

                                                            Tanya Hicks 
                                        Administrative Assistant
                                                             (973) 835-5700 Ext.189

Mailing Address:
530 Newark Pompton Turnpike
Pompton Plains, NJ  07444

Department Fax:
(973) 835-9396


Physical Address:
99 Alexander Avenue

Pompton Plains, NJ  07444 

Alert Groundwater (rev.3): Our office received several calls regarding basement flooding, sump systems pumping into streets and standing water in drainage ditchs. Most of the recent increase in adverse conditions is based on an exceptionally high groundwater table. Our area is experiencing an above average number of rain events. Fortunately these storms have not caused major flooding. Unfortunately, the time between rain events is trending well below the time necessary for rivers, streams and drainage systems to return to "normal" depths. As such, the natural underground aquifer (groundwater) continues to rise. The resulting high groundwater is causing sump pump systems to pump nearly full-time. Groundwater is surchrging into portions of our network of ditches. Efforts are underway to clean ditches to allow groundwater and stormwater to drain. We are proceeding with ditch cleaning simultaneously with the NJDEP permit process. Please be aware that sump systems cannot continue pumping into the streets during winter months. Sump pumping will cause icing conditions that present a potential hazard.  Additional information regarding groundwater and sump systems is available on the resident letter by clicking the sump icon below.

High Groundwater




Alert Turnpike Striping (rev.5): The striping on Newark-Pompton Turnpike from Greenwood Avenue to the bridge over the Pompton River is incomplete. Portions of the striping was put in the wrong location. We are in contact with Morris County to confirm a solution and get the striping completed properly.  Please feel free to contact me at 973-835-5700 x188 if you have any questions or concerns. The center area between double yellow lines will be crosshatched to restrict usage. The purpose of this striping pattern is to slow traffic and promote "Walkable Communities".  In 2010 the Township participated, in conjunction with Morris County, in a "Walkable Communities" workshop resulting in a number of recommendations.  These recommendations are incorporated into the new striping pattern.

Thank you for visiting your Pequannock Township Engineering page. The Engineering page is best for information regarding infrastructure projects. We typically update this page once a month or when new information is available. Please let friends and family know this is the page current information.

The good news is this site is being redesigned to provide additional information including long range plans for road and sidewalk work, active and planned projects, direct contact information, and links to sites of interest. If appropriate, we will post clarification and/or explanations to questions typically asked on social media. Generally speaking, information found on Facebook is speculative and often misrepresented. If you observe questionable activities or have questions, please email Tanya or Joe and we will post the best available information addressing your concerns.

Please help us identify the most important items that should be found via the “Engineering” subsection of your Township web page. We are in the planning stage of improving the site and could really use your input. What is most important to you; what type of updates are important; information that can be downloaded, maps, reports, procedural, etc.  If you visited another towns engineering page and found it comprehensive, we want to hear about it.  Please email me your ideas, constructive criticism, likes, dislikes, and/or anything that might improve our services.  My email address is listed above.  Thank you for taking the time to provide valuable input.

In summary, 2018 has been one of the busiest for construction. Major projects include the construction of a new water tower and associated water conveyance system, full reconstruction of Mountain Avenue between the Boulevard and West Parkway, resurfacing of 3.5 miles of local and county roads, catch basin cleaning/repair with Eco upgrades (Eco upgrades typically prevent plastics from entering the drainage system), ditch cleaning, and elevation of homes in flood prone areas. The water main project on West Parkway and portions of Mountain Avenue will be completed in the spring. FYI, additional work was mandated on West Parkway to improve ridability since the temporary trench repair was substandard (at no cost to the Township). Also, newly paved sections of Mountain Avenue were removed and replaced because of questionable construction proceedures, also at no cost to the Township. While re-working these areas causes further delay, our office will not accept substandard work unless it is consistent with the approved plans and specifications.

Most importantly, let me thank all of our residents for your patience and consideration. Construction projects can be very stressful with unexpected delays, detours, rough road surface, noise, dust, and overall frustration with communications and changing schedules. We really appreciate everyone’s cooperation and understanding as we work together, as a community, to improve our aging infrastructure.

Current Initiatives:  

Revised Preliminary FEMA Flood Maps
On August 22, 2017 FEMA released revised preliminary FIRM maps.  The revised maps included 229 new properties in the floodplain.  The Township does not agree with the revised mapping and is appealing the revised floodplain limit. The formal appeal was filed on April 30, 2018.  At the conclusion of the 90 day appeal period (May 15, 2018), FEMA will act on all appeals and finalize approved changes to the FIRM maps.  FEMA can take as long as needed to evaluate all the appeals. Once the review is completed, FEMA issues a Letter of Final Determination (LFD), which establishes the final flood hazard data and the effective date of the new FIRM for the community. The LFD also initiates the six month adoption period during which the community must adopt or amend its floodplain management regulations to reference the new FIRM Maps. Unofficially, several areas of the County maps are in error. If errors are substantiated, the final map adoption process will be delayed for a significant period of time.

Hillview Road/Beaverbrook Road Improvements
The Township received a grant to improve Hillview Road from the intersection of Hillview Road and Jacksonville Road to the border of Lincoln Park (Beaverbrook Road). The project includes minor drainage improvements, guide rail replacement and road resurfacing.  Project under design with construction anticipated in the summer of 2019.

Mountain Avenue Reconstruction
The Engineering Department applied for, and received, a grant totaling of $364,750.00 from the New Jersey Transportation Trust Fund for the reconstruction of Mountain Avenue from West Parkway to the Boulevard. Outreach meetings were held with local residents to review the scope of the improvements.  Based on resident feedback, the project scope was modified. The revised project consists of widening the road to 25', curb on both sides, drainage improvements and sidewalks.  The improvements will significantly improve safety for walking and bicycling.  The reconstruction is nearly complete. Please contact the Engineering Department if you have any questions or concerns regarding the completed project. Note trees and additional seeding is planned for the spring. New signage and traffic control is under development including lower speed limits and specific restrictions on larger trucks.

Mountain Avenue Water Tank
The Township currently provides water service to approximately 15,000 residents and 500 commercial users. The water distribution system consists of two pressure zones that are maintained by a 1 million gallon ground storage tank and two booster pumping stations along with three water supply wells and a water blending facility.  Construction is underway for a new water tank on Mountain Avenue west of Route 287 and new water mains from Route 287 to West Parkway and from the blending facility to Sunset Road.  Based on observed settlement, final paving is scheduled for the spring/summer of 2019 so that trenches have the full winter to stabilize.  The Township required the contractor repair temporary trench patches for improved ride-ability.

Jacksonville Sidewalks
Funding is approved for the repair/reconstruction of sidewalks on both sides of Jacksonville Road from Newark-Pompton Turnpike to West Parkway.  New driveway aprons are incuded and will conform to the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).  ADA compliant ramps shall be installed at intersections. Project was advertised on June 16, 2018 with award of contract on August 14, 2018. Based on Morris County's paving and concrete repair schedule, the sidewalks will be constructed in early spring 2019 to avoid salt damage to fresh concrete. 

Walkable Communities Improvements
Newark-Pompton Turnpike from Irving Street to the Pompton River Bridge at the Wayne border will be striped and improved with visible crosswalks and pedestrian crossing signs. These improvements are currently under construction.

Drainage Ditch Maintenance
All drainage ditch maintenance, desnagging or de-silting, requires specific permits from NJDEP. Permitting for major de-snagging of the Pomptom River is underway. Downed trees are now located in our GIS system and provide information for targeted removal. Concurrently, permits for cleaning of localized drainage ditches that are not considered regulated streams is also underway. Initially, the Leverage Lane ditch crossing under West Parkway, continuing under Arundel Road and discharging into athe East Ditch is under consideration. Additional permitting is anticipated in the Village neighborhood and throughout eastern Pequannock discharging near Shady Street. These ditches will be cleared in conjunction with the Morris County Mosquitto Commisson. Awaiting permits for the Leverage/Arundel Ditch. Anticipate clearing fall/spring of 2018-2019.

Roadway Resurfacing Program, 2018
The following roads are planned for resurfacing in 2018.  Please note this list is subject to budget modifications and fluctuating asphalt prices.   Roads completed as of June 22 (May Avenue, Highland Avenue, Greenview Drive, Reynolds Road, Baxter Place, Benjamin Place, Andrews Place, Misty Court, Stuhr Place), Mountain Avenue from Boulevard to end (Mountainside Park), and West Parkway from Sunset Road to blending facility 1,150' north of the Mountain Avenue intersection. Morris County announced their intention to pave Jacksonville Road from West Parkway to Newark-Pompton Turnpike, and Newark-Pompton Turnpipe from Jacksonville Road to the bridge crossing into Wayne. Resurfacing is anticipated in three phases.  Phase I is complete. Phase II. Mountain Avenue from West Parkway to Boulevard is complete. The remainder of Mountain and West parkway anticipated for early Spring. Jacksonville Road and Newark-Pompton Turnpike are County projects designed and managed (scheduled) by the Morris County Engineer's office. The County stated the project will be completed by November 9, 2018.

Home Elevation Projects
The Township received a second grant for an additional 4.3 million dollars to elevate 22 more dwellings safely out of the flood zone.  This brings the total funding obligated for Pequannock to over $8.8 million. The grant administration process is underway. If you were included in the 2015 or 2016 grant cycle, you are urged to contact Jennifer McCulloch at 973-835-5700 x164.  Constuction is underway for the 2015 and 2016 grant recipients. 

Community Rating System (CRS) for Pequannock, currently a CRS-5 Community
Many of our residents are aware of rising insurance costs and the discount Pequannock receives based on our CRS rating.  After successfully improving our rating to a 5 in 2016, we are actively looking to improve to a CRS 4.  No other community in NJ has achieved a 4 rating, mostly because of difficult countywide prerequisites. Based on the significant efforts of the county CRS advocate, the county made significant strides toward establishing a countywide stormwater management plan.  Once the plan is approved and in place, Pequannock may qualify for a better rating!  The Township underwent the full three-year cycle review on September 20, 2018. Jennifer McCulloch did a great job presenting compliance with the strict expectations of a CRS 5 community. We are optimistic all of Pequannock's residents will continue receiving a 25% discount on flood insurance premiums. Jennifer is available at ex. 164 if you have any questions.

Grant Applications
The Engineering Department continues to pursue grant opportunities based on availability and need.  Please contact the Engineering Department if you are aware of grant opportunities that we may have missed.  The following grant applications are pending:

  • NJDOT Municipal Aid, 2016 & 2017 - Provides funding for local transportation projects.  The Township received a grant in the amount of $364,750 to complete Mountain Avenue from West Parkway to the Boulevard.  This project was substantially complete on October 26, 2018.
  • NJDOT Municipal Aid, 2018 - The Township received a joint grant to restore Hillview Road (alongside the airport) from Jacksonville Road to the Lincoln Park Border.  The Township received a total of $227,500 in funding for paving and guide rail improvements. Construction planned for the summer of 2019.
  • NJDOT Municipal Aid, 2019 - Application was filed to resurface West Parkway from Sunset Road to Foothills Park. Application was submitted October 8, 2018. Pequannock is optimistically awaiting approval of this .
  • FEMA Flood Mitigation Assistance Grant Program - The Township of Pequannock anticipates applying for FEMA PDA/FMA 2018 grant funding to elevate multiple residential properties within the Township. Construction for the 2015 and 2016 grant cycle is underway. The 2016 grant recipients had the initial information session and should begin construction with several homes this summer. The grant cycle for 2018 has been opened.  

Additional information regarding the FEMA home elevation grant process can be obtained by contacting the Township Flood Advocate, Jennifer McCulloch at (973) 835-5700, x164

Please feel free to contact the Engineering office during regular business hours if you have any questions, comments, or require additional information.


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