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Flood Information
(page updated 16:30hrs 8/26/15)


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Interactive Flood Plain Map

Advisories are also available by phone at 973-835-4225, by radio at AM 1620, and on Facebook


We all know that there have been many studies and engineering solutions proposed for our flooding problems. To date, no proactive solutions have been implemented; all "solutions" have been reactive, i.e. disaster assistance, elevations, and buyouts. We need to break this cycle. We need action. We need an involved community constantly demanding proactive action from our State and Federal elected officials. They are the only people with the power and funding to change the status quo. An involved community needs to understand where our tax money is spent and demand to know why it isn't spent on proactive solutions to flooding.

Nothing will change until the people of the Passaic River Basin stand together and demand action, whether they flood or are simply inconvenienced. Pequannock Township and the Flood Control Advisory Committee are coordinating efforts with other communities to see that the local governments are doing everything we can; we need your help.

Use this sample letter as a template for a letter writing campaign. Edit it to your own liking, and send it out to all our elected and appointed officials at the State and Federal level. Anyone who can affect change. Don't just send it out once! Continue to refine your correspondence for new conditions and send it out often. Clog their mailboxes, email accounts, and fax machines. Other communities will be joining this effort. Remember to be respectful, state your case and your demands forcefully but not impolitely. Respectful letters are the most effective letters.

Thank you,
Pequannock Township Flood Control Advisory Committee



The County has changed their Reverse 9-1-1 system.
The new hyperlink to register is at the top of this page.

You can now follow the Pequannock Public Works, Water, and Engineering Departments on Twitter. @peqdpw

Pequannock's AM radio station is operational.
Look for weather and alerts on AM 1620.

Feasibility Study for the Removal of Pompton Dam and Pequannock Dam

Homeowner Flood Insurance Affordability Act of 2014

1-15-14 National Weather Service announces new
interactive flood warning maps for the Passaic River

3-6-14  DEP Announces Phase I of the Passaic
River Basin Flood Management Options


3-14-14 Army Corps released study details for Passaic River Flood

10-14 Passaic River Flood Advisory Commission Report

2015 - State of NJ Needs you help with their Hazard Mitigation Plan

2-14-15  Pequannock River Coalition Current Happenings affecting the

6-6-15  Proposed amendment to the Flood Hazard
Area Control Act


8-27-15  Progress in hardening critical water and
wastewater infrastructure against storms


06-21-12 » Pequannock, Lincoln Park, and Pompton Lakes weigh in on further study for flooding along Passaic River Basin

06-14-12 » Army Corps and NJDEP Sign Agreement to Reevaluate Flood Control Projects


Link to Report

Graphs and Gauges
» Pompton River at Jackson Ave hydrograph stream gauge
» Ramapo River above Pompton Lakes Dam hydrograph stream gauge *
   *The dam gates begin to operate when the gauge level reaches 11 ft
» Ramapo River below Pompton Lakes Dam hydrograph stream gauge
» Wanaque Reservoir hydrograph reservoir gauge
» East Ditch at Beaverbrook Road hydrograph  
» Passaic River at Two Bridges Road hydrograph stream gauge
» Passaic River at Little Falls hydrograph stream gauge
» Passaic River at Newark Bay hydrograph stream gauge

Pequannock Township
» Chapter 85 - Flood Damage Prevention
» Pequannock Township OEM
» "After a Flood" Handout
» Flood Hazard Mitigation Plan
» Flood Basics Presentation
» Home Elevation FAQ (rev. 01-31-12)
» Above the Flood:Elevating Your
    Floodprone House

*   Answers to Questions About the 
    National Flood Ins. Program

*  Coastal Construction Manual
Elevated Residential Structures
*   Protecting Manufactured Homes
    from Floods and Other Hazards

*   Mitigation of Flood and Erosion
    Damage to Residential Buildings in
    Coastal Areas

 Protecting Building Utilities From
    Flood Damage

 Protecting Floodplain Resources
*   Reducting Damage from Localized


Local Relief Organizations/Info
» First Reformed Church
» Jacksonville Chapel
» Catholic Charities
» Pequannock Flood Relief
» Irene Exchange
» www.nj211.org
» Nutrition Project Overview
» Disaster Food Assistance
» Nonprofit Resources

Federal Emergency Management Agency
» General Flood Information
» National Flood Insurance Program
» Community Rating System (CRS)
» Generate your own FIRM
» 44 CFR 60 - Flood Plain Regulations
» Increased Cost of Compliance (ICC)
» Elevating Your Floodprone Home
» Substantially Damaged Buildings
» Repairing Your Flooded Home
» Guidance for Severe Repetitive Loss (SRL)
National Flood Insurance Program

» floodsmart.gov

Home Elevation and Moving Videos:
(Companies that move homes also elevate them)
» FEMA's YouTube Channel
» Slab Home Elevation - Atlanta, GA (2of3)
» Raising a house from a Slab
» Time Lapse of an Elevation
» Moving Eden Woolley House - Oakhurst, NJ
» Moving Various Home in New York
» Moving Brown Univ. House - Providence, RI
» Moving Buchanon Mansion - Tipton, IA

Other Communities
» Pompton Lakes Flood Advisory Board
» Lincoln Park Emergency Management
» Wayne Township Emergency Management
»Stop the Floods.com

Other Emergency Management Agencies
» Morris County OEM
» Passaic County OEM
» State of New Jersey OEM
» NJ State Police OEM

NJ Department of Environmental Protection
» Division of Land Use Regulation
» Flood Hazard Area Control Act Rules
» Passaic River Flood Advisory Commission
» Stream Cleaning Guidelines

National Weather Service
» Significant River Flood Outlook
» Morris County, NJ Rainfall Data

US Geological Survey
» New Jersey Floodwatch
» What is a "100-year Flood"?

Army Corps of Engineers
» » Pompton Lakes Flood Gates

Rutgers University
» Office of the NJ State Climatologist
» North NJ Monthly Precipitation Data 1895-2013

The FEMA CRS Flood Information handout was recently mailed out to all owners of property designated within the FEMA 100 year flood plain. The mailing is an annual requirement of the FEMA Community Rating System (CRS) program. We expect that many property owners, especially owners on the edge of the flood plain who have historically received minimal flooding or owners who do not pay flood insurance, may not know that they are in the designated 100 year flood plain. It is important to understand that the designation is made by FEMA, not the Township. The Township cannot change your designation. However, if you believe that your flood plain designation is in error, FEMA does have a process for changing the map. The following links will provide you with information and forms regarding the process, known as a "Letter of Map Amendment" (LOMA:     LOMA Overview                 LOMA - Forms

There are currently 3 Flood Insurance Rate Maps (FIRM's) that cover Pequannock Township, which all went into effect May 21, 1971. Two of the maps were last revised September 17, 1992, with the third having been revised last July 3, 1986. FEMA is currently in the process of updating these FIRM's with more current survey data and a new hydraulic study, with new maps expected to become law before the end of 2013. If you believe you are eligible, applying for a LOMA now will increase the accuracy of the new maps.


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