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An Overview

 The Zoning Officer is appointed by the Township Manager.  The Zoning Officer is authorized to delegate the enforcement of any and all provisions of the Land Development Ordinance.  It is the duty of the Zoning Officer to:

·        Issue zoning permits

·        Refuse, in writing, applications for approvals, permits or certificates that are not in accord with Chapter 189 of the Township Ordinance.

·        Issue written notices of violations.

The Zoning Officer reviews all permits and collects fees relating t

Permits                                                 Fee

Fences and Sheds                                             No Fee

Real Estate Directional Signs                             $5 per directional sign

Temporary Signs                                              $20

Permanent Signs                                               $4 per sq ft/$300 Planning Board Fee

Zoning Permits                                                 No Fee

Special Sales                                                    $25

Canvassing                                                       $100

Parking Permits                                                $25 per vehicle

The Township Zoning Officer is Jill A. Hartmann, P.P., AICP.  Ms. Hartmann is in the office on Wednesdays from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm.



Fences located in the established front yard; shall be 3 feet high, 50% of fence must be open, five-foot setback from property line.

Fences located in the secondary front yard; shall be 4 feet high; 5 foot setback, may be solid in structure; fences in excess of 4 feet but not to exceed 6 feet in height shall be permitted in the secondary front yard provided it has a minimum setback of the required front yard setback for the zone in which the site is located.

Fence located in the rear or side yard; maximum height of 6 feet, no setback required provided fence can be maintained from owner’s property.

Fences must be constructed in such a manner that the dressed side of the fence faces the adjacent property or the public right of way.  All supports for the fence must be on the interior of the fence and property.

No electric fences or fences consisting of any hazards are permitted in the residential zone.

Accessory Buildings (Sheds, Cabana)

No accessory building in a residential zone shall be located closer than five (5) feet to any property line when such accessory building does not exceed fifteen (15) feet. An accessory building that has a height of eighteen (18) feet shall not be closer than ten (10) feet to any property line.

Accessory buildings must be in the rear yard

There shall be no more than one (1) such structure on any lot in the R-9, R-11, R-15 and R-22 zones exclusive of a detached garage.  Two (2) such structures on any lot in the R-45 and R-87, exclusive of a detached garage.

An accessory structure shall not be utilized for the storage of flammable orhazardous material.  

 Real Estate Directional Signs

 Directional signs are issued Monday through Friday 12 noon.  Permits are issued for one day only.  No directional sign is to be located on publicly owned property, including but not limited to road right of ways.

A maximum of two (2) signs per open house with a maximum of one sign on any single lot may be placed off the subject property by securing written permission from the property owner on which the sign is to be placed. Written permission with original signatures must be submitted to the Planning Office.

Temporary Business Signs

Promotional Business signs may be posted for a period of 30 days.

New Business promotions signs such as streamers, pennants, spinners or banners are permitted to advertise the opening of a new business.  These devices are to be displayed for only 15 days.

Permanent Business Signs

A sign permit allowing the erection of a permanent sign or any alterations to the size, structural components or location of an existing sign is required and shall be issued by the Planning Director upon approval of a sign application by the Planning Board.

QUESTIONS???:  CALL LINDA ZACHARENKO AT (973-835-5700 x185)or  E-MAIL AT www.lindaz@peqtwp.org

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