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Shade Tree Commission  
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Shade Tree Commission





5 yr.


Theodore Janner

5 yr.


   Michael J. Tizio

5 yr.


Stacy-Ann Webb

5 yr.


Louis Skvarca

5 yr.


Forrest Harper

5 yr.


Alt.1 - Jeffrey Ringen

5 yr.


Alt.2 - Lorelle Laub

Council Liaison:

Councilman Phelan




Any resident interested in serving on the Shade Tree Commission should submit a completed Volunteer Application/Citizen Leadership form to the Township Clerk.

Purpose and Mission:  Trees are one of the Pequannock Township's greatest assets and the Shade Tree Commission is charged with the custody and control of all trees on the Township's right-of-way.  For the right-of-way information of your street please call the Public Works Director Mark Struble at 973-835-5700 x 189

Besides their natural beauty, trees provide a wealth of benefits to the Township.  Trees: 

- act as natural air-conditioners, reducing cooling costs 10-15%

- increase property values by 10-20%

- produce oxygen while cleaning our air and water

- reduce stress

- produce a sense of community 

Our mission is to create and maintain the best possible tree cover and species diversity as well as to educate all Township residents on the importance of trees and the basics of tree care.  

Meetings: The Commission meets at 6:00 p.m. on the fourth Monday of every month at the Pequannock Township Town Hall, 530 Newark-Pompton Turnpike, Pompton Plains, NJ


The Shade Tree Commission is responsible for the regulation, planting, care and control of shade and ornamental trees and shrubbery on the streets, highways, and public places of the Township. 

The Commission cooperates with the local utility companies in the pruning and removal of trees in the public interest.

The Commission considers requests from homeowners for pruning, removal, or planting of trees in its jurisdiction.  Please contact the Department of Public Works at 973-835-5700 x189 before taking any action.

If you would like to report a problem with a tree on the Township Right-of-Way, fill out a Service Request Form.

Link to Tree Tips

Other Sites of Interest:  

Arbor Day Foundation

NJ Shade Tree Federation

NJ Community Forestry Program

Caring for Your Trees

Pruning Your Trees - Many times trees are "topped" when they grow into utility wires, interfere with views or sunlight, or grow so large that they worry the homeowner.  However, cutting back the main branches of a tree to the stubs in incredibly detrimental to its health and may kill the tree.  Further, the ugly, bushy limbs that grow in place of the topped off area usually grow back higher than the original branches, defeating any benefit of the procedure.  Proper pruning will remove excess growth without the problems created by topping.  Such tasks should be left to professional arborists.  As a rule of thumb, never remove more than one-fourth of a tree's crown in a season.  For smaller jobs near ground level, the diagram below shows the proper place to make a cut so as to maximize the tree's ability to heal.  The branch collar (on the underside of the base of the branch) and the branch bark ridge (where the branch meets the trunk) are critical tissues which the tree needs to heal after the cut.  The cut ((3) shown in red) should be just outside these tissues.  Making the cut too far along the branch will leave a stub which invites disease.  However, for bigger branches, it is often a good idea to make a three step cut.  First, make part way through the branch from beneath (1).  Then make a second cut from the top of the branch, a few inches out from the first cut to sever the limb (2).  Finally, make the cut just outside of the branch collar (3).

Watering Trees - Young or newly planted trees will benefit greatly from regular watering.  Application of 10 to 15 gallons of water once per week from March until October will suffice, unless the weather is excessively hot.  Just for reference, a slowly running garden hose will put out about 1 gallon per minute.

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