APPLICANT’S NAME:____________________________________________________



1. ________    2 complete applications (once the application has been deemed complete the applicant shall submit 18 additional copies of the application).


2. ________    2 copies of the plat (an additional 18 copies will be required once the application has been deemed complete).


3. ________    Payment of the administrative and escrow review deposits.


4. ________    Proof of payment of taxes signed by the Tax Collector.


5. ________    Names and address of: (a) holders of 10% or more of stock in applicant and/or owner, if either is a corporation; or (b) holders of 10% or more of interest in applicant if partnership (per N.J.S.A. 40:55D-48.1).


6._________   Surface Water Management Plan acceptable to the Township Engineer.


7. ________    Soil Erosion and Sediment Control Plan


8. ________    Environmental Impact Study (when required by ordinance)


9. ________    Health Department approval of a septic system where sanitary sewers are not available.


10. ________  Completed flood plain development application (when required by ordinance)


11. ________  Proof of  submission of completed application form for Morris County Soil Conservation District.


12. ________  Receipt of completed application form and required fees for Morris County Planning Board


13. ________  Each submission shall be drawn at an appropriate scale not less than 1” equals 100’ and shall be submitted on one of two of the following standard sheet sizes (24” by 36” or 30” by 42”)


14. ________  Traffic Impact Study for all applications involving the construction of more than twenty thousand square feet of building area.




Site Plan Checklist

In addition the following information shall appear on all plans in order to be deemed complete:


A. ________   A key map showing the entire tract, the zone in which the subject property

                        and all property within 200’ radius of the subject property including the

tax map block and lot numbers and owners name.  Said map to be drawn at a scale of 1” = 100’.

B. ________    Title Block in accordance with the rules governing title blocks for professional engineers (N.J.S.A. 45:8-36);


                        1.         Name of the development, Pequannock Township, Morris County.

2.         Name, title, address and license number of the professional or professionals who prepared the plat or plan.

3.         Scale (written).

4.         Date or original preparation and of each subsequent revision thereof and a list of the specific revisions entered on each sheet.

5.         Existing block and lot numbers as they appear on the Township Tax Map.

C. ________   1.         North Arrow.

                        2.         Name, title, address and telephone number of the applicant.

                        3.         Name, title and address of the owner or owners of record.

                        4.         Graphic Scale.


D. ________   Certification that the applicant is the owner of the land or his properly authorized agent, or that the owner has given his consent under an option agreement.


E. ________    Approval Signature lines:


                        2. Secretary


F. ________    Acreage to the nearest hundredth of an acre and a computation of the area of the tract to be disturbed.


G. ________   Identification of wetlands per NJ Freshwater Wetlands Act.

                        (Affidavit of compliance required).  Or permit from Army Corps of Engineers.


H. ________   Identification of the Flood Hazard Area per FEMA maps dated July 3, 1986 as revised or submission of a perfected LOMA.


I. ________     The location of all existing water courses, easements, rights-of-way, streets, roads, highways, freeways, railroads, rivers, buildings, structures, or any other feature directly on the tract or off-tract in and within two hundred (200) feet, if it is deemed that such feature has an effect upon the use of subject property.


J. ________     The location of all ground area of each building, structure, or any other land use.


K. ________   The location, capacity and size of proposed off street parking areas and loading and unloading facilities, including but not limited to aisle widths, location of bays and barriers.

Site Plan Checklist




L. ________    The location and treatment of proposed entrances and exits to the public right of way, including the possible utilization of traffic signals, channelization, acceleration and deceleration lane, additional width, and any other device necessary to traffic safety and/or convenience.


M. ________   The location and identification of proposed open spaces, parks, recreation areas, or land to be dedicated to the Township or other public body.


N. ________   Design or method of soil erosion and sediment control and location of same.


O. ________   The location, design, species, height and type of landscaping, buffer areas, and screening devices.


P. ________    The location and details of sidewalks, walkways and all other areas proposed to be devoted to pedestrian use.


Q. ________   The location and details of all subsurface structures; including storms sewers, sanitary sewers, telephone, electrical, gas, water, manholes, valve boxes, hydrants and other appurtenances, giving top and invert elevations, direction of flow, size of appurtenances, ownership, capacity, pressure leads, materials, type and projected routes.  The location of existing structures such as water and sewer mains, utility structures, gas transmission lines and high-tension power lines on the tract and within two hundred (200) feet of its boundaries.


R. ________    The specific location, design and details of signs and lighting fixtures including isolux diagrams for proposed fixtures.


S. ________    All existing lot lines per Township Tax Maps together with setbacks and yard dimensions as proposed, together with a table listing the required bulk areas for the zone, the proposed bulk dimensions and clearly identifying all variances required.


T. ________    The entire property in question, even though only a portion of said property is involved in the site plan, provided however where it is physically impossible to show the entire tract on the required sheet, a key map is permitted.


U. ________   Existing and proposed spot elevations at all building corners, all floor levels, center lines and ROW’s of abutting roads top and bottom of curbs, property corners, gutters, and other pertinent locations based on U.S. Coast and Geodatic Datum.


V. ________   Existing and proposed contours of the site at one foot intervals, unless slopes are greater than 10%, in which case two foot contours are permitted.

Site Plan Checklist

W. ________  In the event a facility is to be constructed in stages, a sketch plan showing the entire facility shall be submitted in addition to the site plan for the particular stage under consideration.


X. ________   Preliminary architectural plans for the proposed building or structures, indicating typical floor plans, elevations, height and general design or architectural styling.


Y. ________   The location of all utilities, including heating and air conditioning which are external to the building and the method of screening.  This section shall include the location of the trash removal area.


Z. ________    If service for utilities (telephone, electric, water, sewer etc.) is to be provided by an existing utility company, a letter must be submitted from the company stating that service will be available before issuance of any Certificate of Occupancy.


AA. _______   Plans, typical cross sections and construction details, horizontal and vertical alignments of the centerline of all proposed streets and of all existing street at the point of intersection with the proposed street.






























Site Plan Checklist