Pequannock Township Coat Of Arms

Designed by Carl I. Edwards, 1959

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1. The falcon at the top was the predominant symbol on the shield of the "first white traveler" Arent Schuyler.

2. The armour and plumes are the same as the County's and signify that we are part thereof.

3. Red, the Indians' favorite color, used on the plumes and the shape of the shield, likewise reminds us of our first inhabitants.

4. The lion rampant is that used by Lewis Morris, New Jersey's first governor, and for whom the County was named.

5. The Dutch windmill appeared on the seal of New York in 1686 and also on colonial currency as late as 1771.

6. The shock of wheat and two ears of corn are from the seal of the Board of Proprietors of East Jersey.

7. The motto "Pax in Virtute" means Peace in Virtue and best describes the peaceful, God-fearing, neighborly, persistent and honorable Dutch settlers who first populated Pequannock Township.