Thank you for visiting your Pequannock Township Engineering page. The Engineering page is best for information regarding infrastructure projects. We typically update this page once a month or when new information is available. Please let friends and family know this is the page current information.

Please help us identify the most important items that should be found via the “Engineering” subsection of your Township web page. We are in the planning stage of improving the site and could really use your input. What is most important to you; what type of updates are important; information that can be downloaded, maps, reports, procedural, etc. If you visited another towns engineering page and found it comprehensive, we want to hear about it. Please email me your ideas, constructive criticism, likes, dislikes, and/or anything that might improve our services. My email address is listed above. Thank you for taking the time to provide valuable input.

Most importantly, let me thank all of our residents for your patience and consideration. Construction projects can be very stressful with unexpected delays, detours, rough road surface, noise, dust, and overall frustration with communications and changing schedules. We really appreciate everyone’s cooperation and understanding as we work together, as a community, to improve our aging infrastructure.

Current Initiatives:

Hillview Road/Beaverbrook Road Improvements

The Township received a grant to improve Hillview Road from the intersection of Hillview Road and Jacksonville Road to the border of Lincoln Park (Beaverbrook Road). The project included milling, paving and striping. This project was successfully completed on April 24

Alexander Avenue Improvements

The Township received a grant to improve Alexander Avenue from the intersection with Newark-Pompton Turnpike to the intersection of Route 23. The project includes road repair and resurfacing. Also included is sidewalk along Alexander Avenue linking the Woodland Trail with the existing Township sidewalk network.  This project is designed. Awaiting NJDEP permitting.  Hope to construct spring of 2021.

Roadway Resurfacing Program, 2020 

The resurfacing program anticipates the following roads for 2020/2021 depending on available funding and current construction limitations:

  • Mandeville Avenue - from Boulevard to 250’ of W. Parkway & Henry
  • Cameron Avenue - Entire length
  • Della Avenue - Entire length
  • Pomona Avenue - Entire Length
  • Alexander Avenue - Entire Length (Sidewalk along Woodland Lake)
  • Abbey Lane - Entire Length
  • Hanna Court - Entire Lane
  • Michael Court - Entire Length

Grant Applications

The Engineering Department continues to pursue grant opportunities based on availability and need. Please contact the Engineering Department if you are aware of grant opportunities that we may have missed. The following grant applications are pending:

  • NJDOT Municipal Aid, 2020 - Application was filed to resurface Alexander Avenue from the Turnpike to Route 23.  The Township received a grant in the amount of $300,000.  Project includes sidewalks along Alexander Avenue near Woodland Lake. 
  • NJDOT Municipal Aid, 2021 - Various projects are under consideration for funding.

Please feel free to contact the Engineering office during regular business hours if you have any questions, comments, or require additional information.

  1. Alert Dog Park
  2. Alert Groundwater

Alert Dog Park (Revision 3)

The high water inundating the Dog Park has receded. The park is open with no new restrictions.

Resident Groundwater Bulletin

Review the Resident Groundwater Bulletin (PDF).