Flood Information

Pequannock Township is committed to providing residents with accurate information about flood issues and utilizing the most effective flood mitigation measures.  The Township's Flood Resilience Officer is a full-time, dedicated resource for our community whose responsibilities for non-regulatory aspects of flooding include:

FEMA Home Elevation Grants - grant administration and annual applications 

Flood Hazard & Mitigation Measures - provide information to residents 

FEMA Flood Maps - property look-up service and Township's Map Appeal 

Flood Insurance - resource person; maintain 25% discount for community

Flood Watch - track local rivers / dams / reservoirs, help coordinate flood alerts

Township Assistance Available

  • Jennifer McCulloch (Flood Resilience Officer) - FEMA home elevation grants, flood risk/mapping, flood mitigation measures, flood insurance questions
  • Joe Golden (Engineer/Floodplain Administrator) - development regulations, flood mitigation measures, elevation certificates, river de-snagging
  • Bob Grant (Construction Official) - construction regulations in the floodplain 
  • Dave Seugling (Superintendent, Public Works) - drainage ditch maintenance

Flood Mapping & Info