Flood Information

Pequannock is committed to providing residents with accurate information about flood issues and utilizing the most effective flood mitigation measures.  The Township’s Flood Resilience Officer is a full-time, dedicated resource for our community.   What is your flood risk?

Township Assistance Available

  • Flood Resilience Officer - jmcculloch@peqtwp.org - or- 973-835-5700 x164                      home elevation grants, flood maps, flood mitigation measures, flood insurance questions
  • Engineer/Floodplain Manager - frusso@peqtwp.org - 973-835-5700 x 188 -  zoning/development, flood mitigation measures, elevation certificates
  • Construction Official - rgrant@peqtwp.org - or - 973-897-0323                                           construction regulations in the floodplain 
  • Director of Public Works - dseugling@peqtwp.org - or - 973-835-5700 x189         drainage ditch maintenance, dumping or debris issues near waterways

Flood Maps/Survey Info