Pequannock Township Police - Patrol Division

The largest allocation of manpower and resources within the police department, goes to the Patrol Division. 

Sixteen patrol officers under the command of four patrol sergeants, makeup the backbone of the police department. They are responsible for the twenty four hour, year round police service to the township.

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The patrol division consists of four patrol squads, which are supervised by the following sergeants:


These dedicated officers are the first responders to the daily calls for service that range from motor vehicle accidents, first aid calls, fires, neighborhood and family disputes, and burglar alarms just to name a few. All officers have been certified by the New Jersey Police Training Commission, and attend regular refresher courses in firearms training, domestic violence, and C.P.R. Officers routinely attend specialized training offered at various police academies throughout the state to keep up with the new technology in law enforcement. We are proudly recognized as one of the most respected law enforcement agencies in northern New Jersey.


The Police Communications Center is incorporated into the patrol division. The police department has four civilian police telecommunicators that are certified in 911 Communication and Emergency Medical Dispatch. These individuals work along with the supervisors and patrol officers and are usually a caller's first point of contact in most matters.

The Commander of the Patrol Division and Community Service Bureau is Lieutenant Jeffrey Jones.  He may be reached by phone at 973-835-1700, Ext. 168 or email: