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 Hydrant Flushing

Starting on October 2, 2023 the Public Works employees will begin the 2023 Fall Hydrant Flushing Program.  They will be working Monday –Thursday nights for approx. 2 weeks between the hours of 7:00pm and 11:30pm. (Weather Dependent)



1. Improved Water Quality - Hydrants are flushed twice yearly to remove accumulated sediment from the main pipe system, which helps keep our water clear.

2. Fire Safety and Fire Rating – To ensure proper working order of the hydrants for the local fire department if an emergency should arise. Hydrant flow is important in helping control fire insurance costs.


During this time you may encounter a low water pressure and can cause a temporary cloudiness and discoloration in the water.

While the water is safe to drink, you should avoid washing laundry during scheduled flushing times, as the flushed sediment could discolor white clothing. Wait until the water runs clear at the tap, then wash a load of dark clothes first. You should also avoid using hot water until the cold water runs clear.

Water Department General System Description

Pequannock Township provides its customers with high quality water that meets or exceeds all Federal and State primary drinking water standards. The primary source of water for the Township is groundwater from the Buried Valley Aquifer, which is obtained from three wells located in the northern section of the Township. The water system is currently supplemented during high demand periods with finish water from two interconnections with the City of Newark's water transmission aqueduct that runs through the Township.

The Township operates three wells located in its northern section which enters the Blending Facility on West Parkway where it is blended with Newark water at about a 40% ratio to lower the sodium and hardness levels in the water. The total annual production is about 650 MG. Two interconnections, one at Hopper Avenue and one at Jefferson Street, supplement the groundwater source with surface water for emergency use. The Township water distribution system includes 320,000 linear feet of distribution mains. The water distribution system includes 1.2 MG of backup storage at the Mines Tank, which is a gravity storage system.

Water testing samples are collected by the Health Department and tested at a certified lab. All test results are kept on file in the Health Department along with copies of test sites and dates

The Township currently has contracts to sell water to the Borough of Lincoln Park and the Borough of Riverdale (in smaller quantities). In addition to purchasing water from the City of Newark during high demand periods, the Township also has a contract to buy water from Riverdale.