Mayor's Message

Hi my name is Ryan Herd, I am excited, honored, and ready to serve YOU as the next Mayor. I am proud and humbled to have this opportunity to work for you, the residents of Pequannock Township. I have to say I feel very lucky. Because of the responsible decisions of past Mayors, Councils, Managers, employees and volunteers, my job is relatively easy. What I mean is we are fortunate because there is no impending doom ahead of us, at least at the township level. With that said WE have some work to do.

Just like in our homes, fiscal responsibility, safety and security are paramount in our Township. Fiscally, we have to consider each purchase we make and ask each time - is this a want or a need? Does the benefit to our community justify this expense? Like everything else, the township’s costs go up each and every year. Insurance, employees, even the cost of paper towels increase over time. So like you we have to either cut back (provide less services), generate more income (raise taxes) or find ways to do more with less. I am happy to say that we do have options. We can and have been becoming more efficient; providing better services at a lower cost. Our amazing employees in Pequannock Township are always thinking of ways to streamline our operations. Our new master plan will guide us toward invigorated redevelopment of our downtown and Route 23 areas.  This will provide you with a better shopping experience, a more walkable downtown, and more restaurants and small shops as well as more tax revenue thus stabilizing your taxes.

Thanks to our First Responders, we have outstanding security. Our police not only protect us from the bad guys they also help our kids in school, educating them about problems with vaping and opioids. The First Aid Squad is one of our unspoken heroes in town. They are at every event from the Hoe Down to the Street Fair and everything in between, not to mention every call our Fire Companies make. And our Fire Companies: I can't even imagine what goes through their heads when they get a call at 1:30 am as they did as recently as last week, but our residents and businesses can all sleep more soundly knowing there are dedicated volunteer members at the ready.   

Now on to you, the residents of Pequannock. There are so many amazing people that live here. Many of them volunteer their time and expertise on our Boards and Committees, in Townships Churches and other organizations.  Others are outstanding professionals and athletes, serving as an inspiration to our children and leaders of our community. I plan to be highlighting some of these residents and their many accomplishments as we move forward.

We all have a say AND responsibility in the direction of Pequannock Township. I believe we are in charge of our own destiny. Over the next few weeks I will be challenging you to find new ways to participate in our future. I plan to be an interactive Mayor, so stay tuned. Our community depends on all of us!

I Love Pequannock Township.

Ryan Herd, Mayor