Curbside Leaf Collection

The 2023 Curbside Leaf Collection

The last day for residents to put leaves out is December 17, 2023.

The Public Works employees will make the final pass throughout the Township December 18, 2023

 Please remember to place the leaves curbside (not in the road) and do not block any storm drains.


As Per NJDEP Permit Requirements

2022 Curbside Leaf Collection

PLEASE be reminded that once the leaf crews have gone by your house, in order to keep to the schedule, we cannot accommodate requests for returns until the next scheduled pickup.  PLEASE do not place additional leaves out until then.  

Tips for Leaf Placement.

*Place your leaves in wind-rows (long, narrow, neat piles), curbside(NOT IN THE ROAD) by the starting date.

  This is the preferred way of placing your leaves out for collection.

*Do not place leaves within 10 feet of a storm drain inlet.

*Do not park vehicles near the leaf wind-rows...if we can't reach your leaves we cannot pick them up!

No twigs, branches, trash, or other debris are to be in leaf wind-rows.

These items must be removed from your leaves prior to our vacuum arrival.  These materials damage our vacuums creating equipment downtime which hampers our ability to keep to the schedule.  If we find these materials in your leaves, your wind-rows will be left and we will not return until the next pass.  At the next pass, your wind-rows will still need to be clear of the material.

Cooperation from every resident is essential for the program's success.

Please Keep the Storm Drains Clear of Leaves
to Prevent Flooding in the Roads