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The Township receives grant money from the State of New Jersey each year for litter prevention and education. This grant is known as the Clean Communities grant. The funds for this grant are collected by the State through a special tax on common litter causing items including fast food, cigarettes, soft drinks and 12 other items. The grant stipulates certain criteria must be completed such as two public lands clean ups per year, adopt-a-highway or similar project and public education.

The key focus of Clean Communities is education about litter control. The program goal is to eliminate litter from Pequannock Township. Clean Communities provides educational programs for schools and civic organization as well as working with the business community.  Clean Communities works in cooperation with Public Works and Property Maintenance to seek public compliance to Town Code.

Pequannock's Clean Communities program is part of a statewide strategy to prevent the accumulation of litter on streets, beaches, waterways, parks, recreation sites and vacant lots.