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Posted on: May 1, 2020

Take Control of the Things You Can – Strategies to Improve Your Health & Stand Strong

The Township of Pequannock Health Department, through a COVID-19 Advisory, provides great information on the things you can control and help your chances of standing strong in the face of COVID-19.

One of the most challenging aspects of Coronavirus COVID-19 is the amount of information that we do not know about it and how much of this crisis is beyond our control. We all appreciate the ability to control our destiny and it is important to remember that there are things you can do during these uncertain times to protect yourself from contracting Coronavirus COVID-19, and things you can do to strengthen yourself and better recover, should you contract the virus.

For the first time we are hearing news that could be described as positive.  Statistics show that social distancing, hand hygiene, usage of masks, and other protective measures are flattening the curve of new cases.  Hospitals report that the number of patients currently being treated are at a month long low.  That said, the virus is still with us and vigilance remains of paramount importance.  Absent an effective vaccine, a resurgence of the virus in the fall/early winter of 2020 is anticipated.

Please be mindful of the following beneficial actions and protective measures that you can control:

  • Achieve your version of optimal health and maintain it by exercising, staying hydrated, getting fresh air when possible, and eating properly.
  • Address any chronic health issues and engage in proactive health management routines, such as taking medications, adjusting to a healthier diet, consulting with your doctor and monitoring your health.
  • If you are sick or experiencing a medical event, seek medical attention. The fear of contracting COVID-19 has, in some cases, caused people to delay or refuse medical attention even during major health events. This could result in irreversible injury or heighten the risk of death.
  • Get your seasonal flu vaccine and for those eligible, consider getting the pneumonia vaccine. Neither of these directly protect against COVID-19, but having flu or bacterial pneumonia concurrently with COVID-19 could increase the risk of complications from COVID-19.   
  • Monitor your mental health and employ recommended techniques to reduce fear, stress, anxiety and/or depression.
  • Diligently continue to practice hand hygiene, social distancing, the use of masks when appropriate, and disinfection of commonly used surfaces.

Our nation has faced catastrophes of all kinds throughout our great history. We have always endured and will continue to do so. Some of our greatest achievements have been forged from the depths of great adversity. Undoubtedly, the same is true now and there are many great achievements yet to come, starting with the defeat of the COVID-19 crisis.

An important part of defending against and strongly rebounding from the impacts of this crisis is to diligently look after the health and welfare of one’s self, in addition to that of family, friends, neighbors, loved ones, and our communities. This will assure a strong return to the normal lives that we all desire and that we will surely cherish, when this inevitability finally comes.

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