Sponsored Programs

Teen Night

Coffee house nights for our High School and Middle School students where local and national entertainers are provided.

Project Graduation

Providing a safe alternative for graduating students to be alcohol and drug free.

Peer Leadership

Provides training for peers in both the High School and Middle School, as mentors and as a resource for various other problems that youth endure.

Group Dynamics 

High School and Middle School groups that address various issues in a group setting for youth problems.


Local law enforcement program instructing 5th grade and 8th grade students in drug and alcohol education. It includes various other school related issues to provide a safer learning environment.

Bullying Prevention

Program designed to educate students on the causes and effects of bullying and prevention techniques.

Red Ribbon Week

Provides a week of programs offered district wide to address Drug and Alcohol related topics.

Parent Awareness

A variety of programs offered throughout the school year to educate parents on issues that arise with their children.