Police Department


530 Newark-Pompton Turnpike
Pompton Plains, NJ 07444



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Name Title Email Phone
Spring, Chief Brian C. Chief of Police 973-835-1700, ext. 142
Comune, Captain Daniel Operations and Public Information Officer 973-835-1700, ext. 150
Nelson, Lieutenant Kevin Lieutenant 973-835-1700, ext. 144
Brown, Detective Lieutenant Robert Detective Lieutenant 973-835-1700, ext. 115
Peters, Sergeant Joseph Sergeant 973-835-1700
Philson, Sergeant Paul Sergeant 973-835-1700
Lane, Sergeant George Sergeant 973-835-1700, ext. 113
Cicchetti, Sergeant Steven Sergeant  
Lyon, Sergeant Jack Sergeant  
Hunt, Patrolman Kenneth Patrolman  
Caffrey, Patrolman Daniel Patrolman 973-835-1700
Russell, Detective Daniel Detective 973-835-1700, ext. 173
Ricciardi, Detective Sergeant Kevin Detective Sergeant 973-835-1700, ext. 196
Jones, Detective Jeffrey Detective/School Resource Officer, LEAD Instructor 973-835-1700, ext. 168
Boone, Patrolman Kevin Patrolman 973-835-1700
Juliano, Patrolman William Patrolman 973-835-1700
Kimak, Patrolman Michael Patrolman  
Nelson, Patrolman Christopher Patrolman 973-835-1700
Anzano, Patrolman Leonard Patrolman 973-835-1700
Dericks, Patrolman James Patrolman 973-835-1700
Halligan, Detective Matthew J. Detective 973-835-1700
Hardy, Patrolman Jay Patrolman 973-835-1700
McIvor, Patrolman Christopher Patrolman 973-835-1700
LaManno, Patrolman Vincent Patrolman 973-835-1700
Higgins, Patrolman Sean Patrolman 973-835-1700
Hurtado, Patrolman Cesar Patrolman 973-835-1700
Schrek, Patrolman Nicholas Patrolman 973-835-1700
Kohle, Patrolman Benjamin Patrolman 973-835-1700
Rafferty, Patrolman Michael Patrolman 973-835-1700
Hackler, Patrolman Geoffrey Patrolman 973-835-1700
Ackerman, Patrolman Matthew Patrolman 973-835-1700
Chestnutt, Patrolman Jason Patrolman 973-835-1700
Colucci, Susan Police Records Administrator 973-835-1700
McMahon, Jerome Dispatcher   973-835-1700
Tietz, Pamela Dispatcher   973-835-1700
Marines, Danielle Dispatcher   973-835-1700
Tria, Linda Dispatcher   973-835-1700

Detective Bureau 
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Name Title Email Phone
Nelson, Lieutenant Kevin Patrol Division Commander 973-835-1700, ext. 144

Traffic Bureau 

530 Newark-Pompton Turnpike
Pompton Plains, NJ 07444

973-835-1700, ext. 156


Link: Traffic Bureau Page

Name Title Email Phone
Hunt, Kenneth Traffic Officer 973-835-1700, ext. 165
Kimak, Michael Patrolman 973-835-1700
Lane, George Sergeant, Traffic Bureau Supervisor 973-835-1700, ext. 113
Lyon, Jack Traffic Officer 973-835-1700, ext. 195