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Environmental Commission - Kids/Education

  1. NWS (National Weather Service) - Education (Teachers and Kids Page For Weather Science and Safety)

  2. Kids and Education: SEEDS - NJ State Environmental Education Directory Topical Reference Index For Parents Teachers and Kids (NJ DEP)

  3. Kids and Education: Environment Themed Games, Quizzes and Videos (US EPA)

  4. Kids and Education: Kids Guide to Weather, Atmosphere, Water, Energy, Plants and Animals, and Big Questions (NASA)

  5. Kids and Education: Kids Guide to Animals, Science, Geography with Games, Competitions, Primary Resources (NatGeoKids)

  6. Kids and Education: Drinking Water Educational Activities for Students and Teachers (US EPA)

  7. Kids and Education: Water Conservation Activities For Kids and Resources for Teachers (US EPA)

  8. Kids and Education: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle Resources for Students and Educators (US EPA)

  9. Kids and Education: Weather Educational Activities for Kids and Teachers and Kids (US Weather Service)

  10. Kids and Education: Water Science School for Kids and Teachers with Activities and Resources (USGS)

  11. Kids and Education: The Water Cycle Slideshow for Grade 3 (NOAA)

  12. Kids and Education: Animated map follows the path a falling raindrop (or pollutant spill) will take on its way to the ocean (River-Runner)

  13. Kids and Education: Resources and Activities for Kids, Parents and Teachers regarding Kids Environment and Health (NIH)

  14. Kids and Education: Nature- and Garden-Related Activities and Resources for Children, Families, and the Naturally Curious (Rutgers U.)

  15. Kids and Education: Earthquake Related Education and Projects for kids (USGS)

  16. Education: Pequannock’s Environmental Resource Inventory and nearly everything related to our local environment (Pequannock Township)

  17. Education: NJ SEEDS State Environmental Education Directory Home Page (NJ DEP)

  18. Education: NJ Environmental Resource Center of the Association of New Jersey Environmental Commissions (ANJEC)

  19. Education: Environmental Topics for the USA (US EPA)

  20. Education: Weather Related Education for Communities: How to be a “StormReady” Community (US Weather Service)

  21. Education: Weather Safety Tips (air quality, cold/heat, storms/lightning, hurricane, wind/tornado, boating, beach hazards, etc.) (US Weather Service)

  22. Education: What Not To Flush (TBSA)

  23. Education: Tips on Living Responsibly for the Environment (Earth911)

  24. Education: Energy Efficiency and Conservation Explained (US EIA)

  25. Education: Automobile Fuel Economy Information and Tips (US EPA)

  26. Education: Anti-Idling Savings Calculator (US DOE)

  27. Education: NJ Clean Energy Resource Center for Homeowners (NJ CELC)

  28. Education: Earthquake Education and Safety (USGS)

  29. Education: Engineering Toolbox - Wastewater/Flow Capacity Page (many other tools available)

  30. Education: Tidal Levels and Datums Explained (NOAA)

  31. Visit: Frelinghausen Arboretum (124-acre horticultural center/gardens with myriad educational programs, tours and events.)

  32. Visit: Duke Farms (Walk/bike a 1000-acre arboretum with native species/ waterfalls/ streams/ ponds, orchid house, exhibits/classes, and local farm café.)

  33. Visit: Laurelwood Arboretum (30-acre park with rhodo/azalea displays, winding woodland paths, water features, sensory garden, and events.)

  34. Visit: NJ Botanical Garden at Skylands (Part of Ringwood State Park with gardens, manor, walks/hikes/tours, kids programs, and events.)

  35. Visit: New Weis Center for Education, the Arts, and Recreation (Environmental center with a preserve, wildlife management area, trails, and events.)

  36. Visit: Great Swamp Wildlife Refuge / Raptor Trust (7,768 acres of varied habitats and a variety of wildflowers and wildlife including a raptor hospital.

  37. Visit: Sterling Hill Mining Museum (Underground tour of a former zinc mine, with a fluorescent “Rainbow Room” and other interesting exhibits.)

  38. Visit: Franklin Mineral Museum and their Mineral Collecting Areas

  39. Visit: Turtleback Zoo/Aquarium (Approximately 40 types of animals in a kid-friendly and education-oriented setting.)

  40. Visit: Space Farms Zoo/Museum (100-acre complex with a 500-animal zoo and museum of antique vehicles/farm equipment/firearms /dolls /artifacts.)

  41. Visit: Liberty Science Center/Planetarium (Education-oriented science center with 12 different exhibition halls, animals, and a planetarium.)

  42. Visit: NJ (Guide to NJ Attractions, Events, Beaches, and Cities/Regions, with Travel-Planning Tools)

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