Vacant House Check

Pequannock Township Police - Patrol Division

Pequannock Township Police Department offers a vacant house check to all town residents. We understand that when you're away from your home, you may want an extra set of eyes checking in. 

While the patrol division is always monitoring the different streets in town, adding your home to the vacant house list will ensure we give it a little bit of extra attention. 

During varying days and times during the week patrols will stop specifically at your home and walk around the property.  They may check door handles and windows to ensure they are locked and look for anything that may be out of the ordinary. 

If your security cameras catch our officers at the home, there's no need to be alarmed.  If we find anything concerning during our checks, we'll be in touch via the phone number you provided during signup. 

You can complete signup via our Vacant House Check form here.