Registrations & Requests

Pequannock Township Police - Patrol Division

Vacant House Check Request

Pequannock Township Police Department offers a vacant house check to all town residents. We understand that when you're away from your home, you may want an extra set of eyes checking in. 

While the patrol division is constantly monitoring the different streets in town, adding your home to the vacant house list will ensure we give it a little extra attention. 

Alarm Registration

Pequannock Township municipal code requires that every resident and business that has an alarm system installed, must complete an application and formally register it with the town. 

Each application is reviewed and approved by the Chief of Police.  This is done to ensure we have the proper contact information, and alarm company information and to verify the address of a possible emergency. 

Security Camera Registration

The Pequannock Township Police Department is asking for your help in keeping your local neighborhood safe.  We've launched a community security camera program that could help your friends, family, and neighbors if something happens near your home or business.

The program allows both homeowners and businesses to partner with Pequannock Police by simply registering your security cameras or surveillance system with us. 

Footage from your cameras can help establish leads, identify suspects and allow us to quickly complete investigations. It could be the key to solving a break-in at your neighbor's home, to identifying a vehicle involved in a hit-and-run and so much more.

We'll never have direct access to your cameras and will always be in touch with you if an incident occurs.

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